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High-Noise Headsets

David Clark High Noise Headsets
Voice-Powered, High-Noise Headsets are designed to provide maximum noise attenuation, allowing users to communicate and focus on tasks in extremely loud environments such as heavy construction, and manufacturing operations, as well as on flight decks for the US Navy.

Model 9AN/3SP
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Model 9AN/3SP

Over-the-Head, Dual Ear, Noise-Shielded Microphone
  • Superior communication in extremely high-noise areas - up to 130 dB
  • Push-to-Talk switch with waterproof cover on mic shield
  • Soft, ribbed head pad design stands up to rigorous use and provides excellent comfort
  • Foam filled ear seals provide outstanding comfort and secure fit
  • 19-foot straight cord 
  • Waterproof plug, Type A529
  • NSN: 5965011159464