David Clark Company

Land/Mobile Communication Systems

David Clark Military Headsets

Effective intercommunication between crew members in tactical vehicles and land operations is crucial. David Clark Company has developed systems for a variety of land/mobile communications, including humvee and light armored vehicle, as well as special operations. Systems provide crisp and clear communication for up to three crew members per vehicle.

Compatible with most commercial and military radios, David Clark systems are simple to operate and maintain while offering cost effectiveness. Portability, rugged construction and reliability are paramount in these custom systems, which include a wide variety of headsets that can be customized to your application, vehicle and equipment.

Various system configurations, including David Clark Company Light Vehicle Communication Systems (LVCS) provide reliable, COTS, land/mobile communication solutions.

For more information, contact David Clark Company directly at 800-298-6235 or 508-751-5800 (outside the United States).

Typical Land/Mobile System Features:

  • Capable of use in noise levels up to 125 dB
  • Water-resistant components designed to withstand harsh elements
  • Completely sealed from effects of wind, sand and moisture
  • Simplified operation with ergonomic body switch and toggle switch controls
  • Radio select switch for dual radio interface
  • Rotary volume knobs for intercom and radio volume levels
  • Interfaces with the Motorola Jedi Series, SINCGARS, and most other available radios
  • Modular portability with powerful magnets that allow systems to easily moved from one vehicle to another
  • Throat microphone provides superior voice reproduction in areas where wind noise is a problem