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David Clark Ground Support Military Communication Headsets

David Clark Company provides custom headsets for ground communications for a variety of applications in low-to-medium noise environments including UAV control/command centers and vehicles, data vans, simulation and training and a number of other operations where comfort, durability and clear communication are essential.

Model DC PRO-2
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Ultra-Lightweight, Supra-Aural, Passive Noise-Attenuating Headset
  • Dual volume controls permit independent listening levels in each ear
  • Adjustable suspension system for personalized fit
  • Outlast technology head pad with vented design absorbs excess heat buildup and virtually eliminates 'hot spots' [ORDER]
  • Ultra-soft, Dura-Stitched leatherette ear seals with supra-aural, rest-on-ear design adapt to the contour of your ears for greater comfort [ORDER]
  • Swivel hinge stirrups minimize clamping pressure and provide secure, comfortable fit
  • M-2 dynamic microphone for enhanced noise cancelling
  • Full-flex boom for precise microphone placement
  • Features U-174/U plug (additional plug connectors available to match impedance requirements)
  • Collapsible design for easy, compact storage
  • One-year warranty backed by industry-leading customer service
  • P/N 43106G-04
Data Sheet DC PRO-2
Model DC PRO-2, Single Ear
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DC PRO-2, Single Ear

Ultra-lightweight, supra-aural, passive noise attenuating headset
  • Rugged, yet lightweight, supra-aural, rest-on-ear design
  • Volume control permits adjustment of listening level in ear
  • Plush, leatherette ear seals for maximum comfort
  • Soft, Outlast® fabric, heat absorbing head pad
  • Adjustable suspension system for personalized fit
  • Swivel hinge stirrups for secure fit with reduced clamping pressure
  • M-2 dynamic microphone for enhanced noise cancelling
  • Full flex boom for precise microphone placement
  • Features U-174/U plug compatible with military aircraft low impedance Intercom Communication Systems
  • Collapsible design for compact storage
  • NSN Pending
  • P/N 43106G-07

Model UAV Headset
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UAV Headset

Over-the-Head, Single Ear Style

  • Single ear permits hearing of ambient sound
  • Lightweight design
  • Full flex boom with DC-87 dynamic microphone [ORDER]
  • Soft, foam-chambered head pad with comfort-gel ear seals for maximum comfort
  • 5-foot extended coil cord with U-174/U plug
  • NSN 5965-01-439-0793
  • P/N 40523G-01

Parts List

Model 22610P-01 BTH Conversion Kit
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22610P-01 BTH Conversion Kit

The 22610G-01 Headset Conversion Kit is designed to convert any DCCI traditional behind-the-head (BTH) style headset to operate as a helmet-mounted unit on cutaway Special Ops helmets with compatible Accessory Rails (e.g., Ops-Core FAST helmets and Galvion Caiman helmets; consult DCCI to confirm compatibility.) It includes a detent feature, allowing the user to either clamp into position over the ears when communication/noise attenuation is required, or detent outward to relieve clamping pressure when not in active use.
Installation Sheet, 22610P-01
Product Bulletin, 22610P-01 BTH Conversion Kit