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Head Protection

David Clark Ground Support Military Headsets

David Clark Company provides head protection assemblies for flight decks and a variety of ground communication applications where head protection is required.

These assemblies are compatible with most models of David Clark hearing protectors and noise-attenuating military headsets.

Rugged components provide 'bump' and impact protection for demanding applications in harsh environments.

Model 22610P-01 BTH Conversion Kit
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22610P-01 BTH Conversion Kit

The 22610G-01 Headset Conversion Kit is designed to convert any DCCI traditional behind-the-head (BTH) style headset to operate as a helmet-mounted unit on cutaway Special Ops helmets with compatible Accessory Rails (e.g., Ops-Core FAST helmets and Galvion Caiman helmets; consult DCCI to confirm compatibility.) It includes a detent feature, allowing the user to either clamp into position over the ears when communication/noise attenuation is required, or detent outward to relieve clamping pressure when not in active use.
Installation Sheet, 22610P-01
Product Bulletin, 22610P-01 BTH Conversion Kit
Model Flight Deck Helmet Assembly
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Flight Deck Helmet Assembly

  • Provides impact protection while using hearing protectors or noise-attenuating headsets
  • One-size-fits-all helmet liner constructed of cotton/polyester and nylon mesh, permits excellent ventilation and long-term comfort
  • Helmet liner is available in dark brown or khaki
  • Assembly components include a suspension liner, front and back shell assembly and energy-absorbing impact pads
  • Hook & pile fastener chin strap allows easy on and off while assuring a secure fit
  • Injection-molded helmet shells are available in white, black, brown, blue, green, red, yellow and purple
Product Bulletin Flight Deck Helmet Assembly
Model Series K-10 Helmet Assembly
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Series K-10 Helmet Assembly

  • Provides full-enclosure impact protection while wearing hearing protectors or noise-attenuating headsets
  • Assembly consists of a suspension liner, protective nape pad and high-strength, injection-molded nylon helmet shell
  • Helmet shell manufactured to military specification MIL-H-85847A and reinforced with energy-absorbing impact pads
Product Bulletin K-10 Helmet Assembly