David Clark Company
  • Military Aviators count on David Clark Air Crew Headsets
  • UAV Communications and a Variety of Ground Support Operations
  • Land Mobile Communication Headsets and Intercom Systems
  • Rugged, Reliable Headsets and Components for Clear Communication at Sea


MACC (Multi-Agency Craft Conference)

Portsmouth, VA
Tue Jul 16, 2024 - Thu Jul 18, 2024
Booth: 302
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SAFE Symposium

Virginia Beach, VA
Tue Oct 22, 2024 - Thu Oct 24, 2024
Booth: 120
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A/TA Convention (Airlift/Tanker Association)

Grapevine, TX
Thu Oct 31, 2024 - Sun Nov 3, 2024
Booth: 729
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Headsets & Intercom Communication Systems for Air, Land and Sea Operations

David Clark Company is dedicated to designing, engineering and manufacturing communication solutions for the most demanding environments and critical operations. In the air, on the ground, or on the water, David Clark has the capability of providing unsurpassed noise-attenuating headsets and communication systems for virtually any environment military forces may encounter.

Our headsets ensure clear, crisp communication for military pilots, ground support crews, marine crews and more. These tested and proven products help to ensure the safety and enhance the performance of military, defense and law enforcement professionals.


  • U.S. Air Force – Air Crew and Special Application Aviation Headsets
  • U.S. Air Force – Headset solutions for piloting UAVs
  • U.S. Air Force – Man-portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar Systems Headsets
  • Aerospace – Headsets developed for Launch Control during Space Shuttle program


  • U.S. Army – Portable Dual-Radio Communication System for Light-Armored Vehicles
  • U.S. Army – Headsets for Ground Support Operations / Two-Way Radio Communications
  • U.S. Army – Multi-Channel Communication System developed for White Sands Missile Range


  • U.S. Customs, U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and Foreign Military Service (FMS) – Marine Intercom Systems
  • U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines – Special Operation Headsets


  • Series 9900 Wireless Communication System designed for a wide variety of air, land and sea communications


  • Our capability for designing and manufacturing special headsets and intercom systems for specific applications is unmatched in the industry. From prototypes, to real-world trials, to final production, count on David Clark for quality, reliability and performance.