David Clark Company

What Are Pilots Saying?

"...simply the best and most reliable headset out there today and forever!"
Doug Allen, Corporate Pilot and CFI
"I purchased my first David Clark headset 25 years ago and would not think of using anything else!! Please give my thanks to all at David Clark for suppling headsets that we can rely on!!!"
John La Grow, Corporate Pilot
"David Clark has great factory support. The company changes out mikes efficiently with no hassle.  They are the best in product support and durability!"
John Heverling
"I find the David Clark H10-13X outstanding.  It has great product support and excellent quality. I own 3 David Clark headsets and use each for a different application. I wouldn't consider owning any other brand"
Glenn Michael
"I've only owned a single headset in my life - a David Clark H10-30.  I bought it when I started instrument training in 1987 and still use it today flying a Caravan for Mountain Air Cargo.  The headset is very reliable, although I have had to send it back to the factory for reconditioning.  Overall it's a very good headset and can take a lot of abuse"
Douglas Haddaway
"I've had my David Clark H10-30 for 25 years and it still works perfectly. I added gel-seal ear muffs 10 years ago for extra comfort"
James Loranger
"My David Clark H10-20 is almost 20 years old. I've sent it in once for service and it was fixed at no charge.  Show me another headset manufacturer that builds such a great product and backs it up like David Clark!"
Terry Alberta
"We have 4 David Clark H10-30s.  One broke a wire back in 1994. The factory did a 1-day turnaround and installed new comfort pads for free"
Wallace Dillingham
"I feel my David Clark H20-10's passive noise reduction is just as good as any headset with electronic noise canceling.  I've only had one problem in 4000 hours of use. The company fixed it and gave me new ear seals at no charge.  They even hurried it through repairs and shipped it overnight so I would have it for an upcoming trip. Great service!"
Carson Anderson
"As always, the David Clark H10-13.4 has set the benchmark for quality and simplicity. Mine has taken a beating through the coldest winters and hottest summer afternoons. The only maintenance I've had to perform is sanding the connector plugs a little"
Eric Lucas
"David Clark headsets continue to be the best for the money"
Jason Honeycutt
"I've used David Clark products since the 1980s. I now fly mainly with the H10-13.4 but still also use the H10-30.  The company's outstanding product support makes their headsets have superior value.  My original H10-30 is still operating well more than 20 years since the original purchase"
Michael Haley
"David Clark's H10-13.4 offers the proper blend of technology and practicality.  It's sturdy, doesn't need pampering or routine maintenance and delivers reliable performance"
G Daley
"I bought my David Clark H10-40 about 19 years ago and haven't had a single problem!  It's a good bang for the buck!"
Hal Arnack
"I've used David Clark headsets for 25 years. The quality, clarity and value of the H10-36 can't be beat. I've tried Telex, Sigtronics and Bose headsets over the years, but I keep coming back to David Clark!"
Doug Young
"I'm planning on getting a new David Clark headset next month. I've been happy with DC products for years"
Kevin Shaw
"My David Clark H10-20 has given me reliable and trouble-free service for over 7 years. I've owned other headsets that have needed to be taken in for service after 2 or 3 years"
Abdias Marte
"I've used David Clark headsets since 1980. The H10-13X is an excellent value and has served me well. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Keep up the good work, David Clark!"
John Refsnider
"Hands down, David Clark still offers the best quality and the superior customer support which has made the company an aviation icon"
Frank Bernhard
"My David Clark H10-13X has been sent back twice for static while the ANR is turned on. Both times, the company returned the headset fully refurbished with up-to-date improvements. You can't ask for more!"
L Martin
"I've used my David Clark H10-20 for 18 years. I accidently stripped off the wire insulation in a seat track years after the warranty had expired. I sent the headset back to David Clark and they repaired the wiring and updated it at no charge. I'm a David Clark customer for life!"
Kip Laurie
"David Clark has the best product support! I needed a new boom mike and the company sent one out the very next day!"
John Heverling
"In nearly 5000 hours of flying, most of it Part 135 and flight instruction, I've only owned one headset - a David Clark H10-20.  I've had to send it in just once for repairs and new gel seals. The work was performed at no charge. I highly recommend David Clark"
Carson Anderson
"Simply the best darn company out there - not just for headsets. You guys know how to keep lifelong customers. Why not try running banks and building cars?"
Edward Lane