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How Does Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation Work?

David Clark Company Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation marks a significant advance in active noise reduction technology. Most ANR aviation headsets feature 'feed-back' noise cancelling that is performed by an internal microphone placed near the speaker located within the headset ear dome. Hybrid ENC technology also utilizes 'feed-forward' noise cancellation, achieved by the addition of an external microphone in the ear dome that is isolated from the speaker. The exterior microphone acquires the noise before it gets to the ear canal. The external and internal (feed-forward and feed-back) signals are then inverted to produce a reverse ‘anti-noise’ signal (see chart below). The result? Unsurpassed active noise reduction and crystal clear reception from hybrid technology.

Hybrid ENC Diagram

Hybrid ENC technology is currently available on the DC PRO-X headset with supra-aural, rest-on-ear design and on DC ONE-X Series, with circumaural, surround-the-ear design.