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Full Line of Accessories to Improve your Flying Experience

David Clark Company offers a variety of headset accessories to enhance comfort, headset functionality and communications. From comfort products such as head pads and ear seals, to cords and adapters for a variety of aircraft configurations, to microphone protectors to that improve communication clarity — all of our accessories are available for immediate purchase at the David Clark Company Store...enjoy your flight!

Plug Adapters

Model 18253G-05
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Plug Adapter

Part No. 18253G-05
Converts U-174/U or U-93A/U to M642/5-1 (PJ068) and M642/4-1 (PJ055). Also converts the Helicopter Single Plug to a Dual Plug configuration for Fixed Wing flying. General Aviation applications only.
Model 18253G-06
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Plug Adapter

Part No. 18253G-06
Converts PJ-068 & PJ-055 to U-174/U. Also converts the Fixed Wing Dual Plug configuration to a Single Plug for Helicopter flying. General Aviation applications only.

Separate Modules

Model 40602G-01
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Coil Cord Assembly, Dual Plug

Part No. 40602G-01
Connects ENC Battery-Powered Module to dual radio jacks in general aviation aircraft.
Model 40602G-02
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Coil Cord Assembly, Single Plug

Part No. 40602G-02
Connects ENC Battery Powered Module to Single Radio Jack (U174/U).
Model 18216G-01
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C10-15 PTT Switch

Part No. 18216G-01
Portable Push-to-Talk (PTT) Switch features double-pole switch contacts to assure positive keying with no dead spots. High-impact ABS plastic housing for maximum durability.
Model 40594G-01
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ENC Panel Mount Power Control Module

Part No. 40594G-01
Provides panel mounted power for ENC headset.
Model 40880G-01
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Headset Adapter — Low/High Impedance

Part No. 40880G-01
40880G-01 Headset Adapter allows a low impedance (Military Type), single plug, headset to be used in a general aviation aircraft. U92 A/U socket to M642/4-1 (PJ055) and M642/5-1 (PJ068).