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Pilots Protective Assembly

Model S1034 PPA
Model S1034E Conformal Helmet represents the current state-of-the-art for protective helmets and incorporates fully integrated communications and an advanced occupant protection impact liner.

Model S1034 Pilots Protective Assembly for U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft

The Model S1034 PPA was designed to be a common suit that reduced crew member stress and fatigue while minimizing ground support and maintenance requirements. Unlike prior suit designs for DoD applications, the S1034 was largely a “clean sheet” design which incorporated multiple enhancements such as a breathable gas container and improved (low-torque) glove bearing/disconnects.

The S1034 began replacing the precursor S1031 in the U-2R in 1996 and continues in service to present day. It has also been adopted for use in the NASA ER-2 and WB-57F platforms.