Aerospace | Crew Protective Equipment

Superior Performance through Intelligent
Design and Testing

Engineering Suit Model
David Clark Company design and systems engineers develop and maintain engineering models to evaluate effectiveness and performance of pressure/space suit features and system concepts. Our modeling and simulation tools are used to support trade studies by providing a cost effective means to quickly assess the relative performance of mobility joint configurations and materials.

To ensure the performance of our crew protection products, David Clark Company has developed 2D and 3D anthropometric models and computer-aided analytical tools that:
  • Augment the traditional "build and test" of physical mock-ups;
  • Streamline design iterations;
  • Identify potential issues prior to fabrication;
  • And, provide better understanding of the complex kinematics of the combined human-suit system.

David Clark also utilizes exhaustive testing procedures that include human interface testing to ensure that key characteristics such as comfort, fit, and vehicle interface are evaluated and monitored throughout the design process. Our extensive modeling, analysis and testing protocols result in superior product that meet or exceed mission objectives while providing maximum comfort, mobility and reliability.

Utilizing our systems integration approach, we also leverage our existing inventory of pressure/space suits, engineering mock-ups, and computer models to support demonstrations, crew evaluations, and vehicle interface evaluations to progressively develop and refine preferred design solutions.