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Our Facilities

David Clark Company utilizes three facilities for the design and manufacture of protective crew equipment: David Clark headquarters in Worcester, MA; David Clark Field Operations Group, Houston, TX; and Air-Lock Incorporated, a wholly-owned subsidiary of David Clark Company, Inc.
Suit Design Worcester Massachusetts

David Clark Company Headquarters
Worcester, MA

The David Clark Company headquarters is located in Worcester, MA, and housed in a four-story building. containing 215,000 square feet of working area. Here, we design and manufacture a wide variety of aerospace and industrial protective equipment, including pressure-space suits, helmets, communication systems, gloves and related subsystems.
Test Houston Texas

David Clark Company Field Operations Group
Houston, TX

Based in the Clear Lake area, the David Clark Company Field Operations Group provides direct support to both government and commercial customers. Our experienced staff of engineers has extensive experience in supporting suited testing as test conductors, and/or test subjects. Their experience with both IVA and EVA based pressure/space suit systems includes emergency extraction, vehicle ingress/egress, crew survivability as well as general pressurized and unpressurized operations.
NASA Astronaut

Air-Lock, Incorporated
Milford, CT

David Clark Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Air-Lock Incorporated, specializes in the design and fabrication of life support system hardware. Air-Lock components have been used on pressure suits worn by virtually every pilot of high altitude aircraft since the 1940’s. Additionally, Air-Lock’s connectors, sealed bearings and other hard goods solutions have enhanced the performance, safety and efficiency of all spacesuits worn by NASA’s Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Shuttle astronauts.