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Life Support Equipment Solutions for NASA/DoD

Tactical Flyer's Ensemble (US Patent No. 7,076,808)
Tactical Flyer's Ensemble (US Patent No. 7,076,808)
U2 Plane, Space Shuttle
David Clark Company has provided pressure suits, helmets and ancillary equipment for virtually every high altitude, manned aerospace program to date. From our Model S1034 PPA's utilized to protect pilots of high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, to the partial and full pressure suits utilized to protect space shuttle crews, DCCI has continued to provide life support solutions for NASA and Department of Defense aircrews.

We continue our commitment to excellence by designing and testing a wide variety of Intra-vehicular (IVA) and Extra-vehicular (EVA) suit prototypes to ensure the safety of future pilots and astronauts. DCCI's skilled designers and engineers continue to advance the state of the art for low altitude, high-G prototypes such as our Tactical Flyer's Ensemble (US Patent No. 7,076,808).