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Inflatable Restraint and Support Systems (Prototype)

Inflatable Restraint and Support System
David Clark Inflatable Restraint and Support Systems can be adapted for virtually any application.
Please contact factory for details.
David Clark Company Inflatable Restraint and Support Systems provide enhanced safety, control and performance for drivers of race cars, high-performance power boats or any high-impact, high-speed motor craft or vehicle. Unlike traditional foams and padding, inflatable components offer complete, uniform support of the driver by inflating completely around selected areas of the body and into all voids between the driver and supporting seat structures - providing a ‘custom fit’ each time the driver straps into his seat.

System components include:
  • Inflatable Neck Collar - helps safeguard driver from injuries resulting from excessive neck loading
  • Inflatable Seat Back Cushion - provides uniform air support of the driver’s torso to minimize injury due to dynamic G-induced loading
  • Inflatable Seat Side Cushions - supports and protects the driver’s rib cage and provides lateral support to the driver’s torso
  • Inflatable Seat Bottom Cushion - provides support to driver’s tailbone, buttocks and thighs