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Extension, Jumper and Adapter Cords are available for system installation based on user requirements. Please note that the number after the dash (‘-‘) indicates the length of the cord. For example, Extension Cord C51-25 indicates a 25-foot cord.

Extension Cords

Extension Cords

C51-12, C51-25, C51-50, C51-100
  • Two conductor cords with phone plug and phone jack
  • Used to extend distance from jumper cord, or installed headset jack
  • Extension cords may be coupled to create longer length
  • NSN: 5995010484505 (C51-12)
  • NSN: 6150011687303 (C51-25)
  • NSN: 5995010484507 (C51-50)
Jumper Cords

Jumper Cords

C-52-12, C52-50
  • Jumper cords are all that is required for a standard, two-person system
  • Two conductor cord with phone jacks on both ends 
  • Headsets plug directly into jumper cord
  • Two-person system can be lengthened by adding extension cords to jumper cord
  • NSN: 5995014352291
Adapter Cord Assembly

Adapter Cord Assembly

  • Accepts headset plug and terminates in two vinyl insulated clips
  • Designed especially for pulling and pairing wires, performing continuity checks and isolating other line problems


P/N: 18896G-01
  • Packaged with M5410 amplifier