David Clark Company
Voice Powered

Voice-Powered Applications

From ski lifts to manufacturing/warehouse facilities; hospitals to highway construction and traffic control; blasting areas to building construction and crane operation; aircraft assembly and deicing to oil drilling and refining, concrete pumping to wire pulling.

Wherever there is a need for reliable communication, without the need for batteries or an external power source, David Clark Voice-Powered systems are the simple, maintenance-free solution.

Aircraft Deicing

Aircraft Assembly/Deicing

  • Communication from inside to outside the aircraft during assembly
  • Allows communication between sprayer, driver and fluid pumper
Blasting / Demolition

Blasting/Demolition Areas

  • Used when EMI or RFI could cause an explosion

Building Construction

  • Temporary communication system during construction
  • Crane operators can speak with personnel outside their field of vision
  • Facilitate communication between the pumper and person in charge of pouring during concrete pumping operations

Computer Operations

  • Communicate from remote areas of a facility to server room
Firing Range

Firing Ranges

  • Instructor/spotter communication with firing line
Highway Construction

Highway Construction/Traffic Control

  • Temporary or portable communication during highway construction, maintenance, or abnormal traffic conditions


  • Critical communication during power failures
Hydro Electric Plant

Hydro Electric Plants

  • Communication for equipment monitoring and performance reporting

In-Plant Maintenance

  • Ideal for making remote adjustments on large machinery in high-noise environments

Materials Handling

  • Crew communication to control flow of conveyor system

Oil Drilling and Refining

  • Communication from pumper to well site to monitor fracturing operations
Rescue Operations

Rescue Operations

  • Portable or fixed communication systems in ships, mines, subways


  • Communication between coaches and players; stadium security and event staff

Tank Entry

  • Essential safety provision for entering large containers


  • Coordinating welding operations on large equipment