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Controller Belt Station
Intercom-only mobile gateway. Connects to a Headset; acts as a relay for all audio between linked Belt Stations.
Model U9911-BSC
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  • Hands-free, full-duplex intercom
  • Internal antenna provides range of at least 300 feet from Controller
  • Linked Belt Stations automatically reconnect to Controller when power is lost and regained, or when returning from out-of-range distance ("strong link")
  • Multiple independent Controllers operate in same RF vicinity with no cross-talk
  • Links up to 4 wireless users per Controller; 2 to 5 position system
  • Marine-grade, water-tight enclosure and components
  • Audible voice prompts for link/purge status, out-of-range, low battery
  • Easily accessible battery compartment with removable Li-Polymer battery
  • Li-Polymer battery (24 hours continual usage), easily removed for charging (3-4 hours), not included
  • VOX control with proprietary "helper" tone, assists in ideal VOX setting
  • Large PTT for link and VOX override
  • Power button with LED indicator for visual status of link, PTT and battery charge
  • Military grade twist-lock connector
  • Rubberized outer skin, black
  • 360-degree rotational belt clip
  • EU version available {U9911-BSC(EU)}
Data Sheet, U9911-BSC
Data Sheet, U9911-BSC(EU)