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Universal Gateway
Acts as a relay for all audio between Belt Stations and existing David Clark (e.g.: 3100 / 3400 / 3800 / 9500 / 9800) or other OEM wired intercom system.
Model U9921-GUV
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  • Hands-free, full-duplex intercom
  • Provides range of at least 300 feet (line-of-sight) to all linked Belt Stations
  • Several Gateways can be tied to existing wired system for expanded wireless systems
  • Multiple independent Gateways operate in same RF vicinity with no cross-talk
  • Single system connector for interface cords to wired intercom:

     -- C99-20MS: To 3100/3400 Series
     -- C99-22MS: To 3800 Series 
     -- C99-20LL: To 9500 Series or OEM
     -- C99-20CX: To 9800 Series

  • Radio interface, provides radio monitor and transmit capability for all wireless users via system interface cords
  • Link button for close-proximity linking to Belt Stations
  • Up-down volume controls provides master gain for all wireless users
  • LED indicator for visual status of comm link and PTT status
  • Internal antenna, with external SMA connector for other antenna options (whip - included, or remote coax)
  • Flush-mount or surface-mount (viz A99-01MKT) options
  • EU version available {U9921-GUV(EU)}

Data Sheet, U9921-GUV
Data Sheet, U9921-GUV(EU)