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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these headsets are stereo. Of course if you pair to a device that's putting out a mono signal then you will hear mono. We're also happy to tell you that these headsets have our finest pro audio grade earphones in them with a wide frequency response to improve and elevate your music listening experience with brilliant clarity. 

DCCI customer service will repair and/or recondition your headset to like factory new!  

Within the continental US: Call 1-800-298-6235   

For Alaska call: 907-277-4811 (Northern Lights Avionics). For a list of International repair facilities click here.

Email: service@davidclark.com

Return your headset prepaid to:

David Clark Company 
360 Franklin Street
Worcester, MA 01604

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the problem or service required.

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David Clark headsets have information including model number and part number on the headband of the headset.
HBT Series headsets will not pair to each other. The 'brains' of the intercom are kept in the smartphone. By using an app like Skype, Zello or Intercom for Android a connection can be made between multiple smartphones forming a work group. Some apps also have methods for connecting a smartphone work group to a land mobile radio (LMR) network. 
HBT Series headsets take about six hours from a fully discharged battery state. The light will go red when the headset is plugged in and shut off when charging is complete. 
Pricing is now available at the David Clark Company web store.

The Aurora HBT Series headsets will pair to many portable radios using standard protocols but are actually designed for use with smart devices like smartphones. We are working on developing a PTT for radio headset. Let us know if you want to be part of the field trial and what your interest level is in such a product by emailing greenheadsets@davidclark.com.  

At present you'd have to send it in through our customer service repair. However, the 80 hours of talk time will last a whole work week so charging once a week or once every other week means the battery will last several years before you have to replace it. You can see the battery status either by looking at the light inside the ear cup (red means low) or in the case of an iPhone by looking on your phone status bar at the top of the screen.

The Bluetooth headsets have the following features:

  • Microphone is M-55 noise cancelling electret made in the USA by David Clark Company Inc.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy also called Bluetooth Smart
  • Self healing connection - if you walk out of range all you have to do is walk back into range to reconnect.
  • Remembers paired device after cycling power - You don't have to pair every time you turn it on.
  • 20-20kHz response earphone - Best possible full range of human hearing, great for listening equipment and music!
  • Range = 10M or approx. 32 feet
  • Battery life = 140 hours standby or 80 hours of talk / listen / streaming.
  • RoHS Compliant
  • FCC approved
Most, if not all, smartphones will automatically pause music or music apps when a phone call comes in. Since your headset is paired to the phone that means the music will pause when you answer the call from your headset. 
These headsets are available for purchase direct from David Clark Company, Inc. or through any one of our authorized resellers as listed on our website. To purchase direct from David Clark Company, please visit our web store.

or call our customer service at 800-900-3434. 

These headsets were designed to be as simple as possible. Some BT headsets out there have all these menus and buttons and we wanted ours to be a 'turn it on and go' product. For example, it automatically re-pairs to your phone when you turn it on.  Also, smartphones have a volume control already so we kept it off the headset. 

One important thing we always keep in mind is maintaining communications in as safe a method as possible. The On/Off/Pairing button was moved inside the ear cup to prevent it accidentally being pressed when the headset is in use. 
The all new Aurora Industrial Class Bluetooth headsets are a problem solver in nearly unlimited places. 80 hours of charge means they solve your problems for a whole work week without having to recharge them!