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Wireless Belt Station Interface



Wireless Belt Station
U9110-BSW wireless user interface, when linked to U9120-W4 Gateway, provides headset user with software-enabled access to Digital Intercom System and connectivity to two-way radios, other common ancillaries and existing networks

·        Wireless DECT protocolensures secure range of at least 300 feet between headset user and gateway,while retaining all the functionality of a wired headset, but with wirelessmobility

·        Features SMARTVOX, an automatic VOX technology that adapts to background noise in realtime, while applying unique DSP algorithms to discern between noiseand speech, for instantaneous and effective mic control with no manualadjustments 

·        Provides clear communicationwith effective microphone shut-down when not speaking, virtually undiscerniblekeying of microphone without overt clipping of initial milliseconds of speech

·        Highly durable,momentary PTT, power/selection switches provide positive actuation forsystem functionality

·        Long life batterypower with removable, rechargeable Li-Polymer battery (not included)lasts for 24 hours of continual use between charges so headsets can stay in thefield

·        IP-68 sealed headsetjack, mated or unmated, maintains integrity of connection to user, withquick-release capability and reliability in all weather

·        EU version available [Model U9110-BSW(EU)]

Patent #’s: 10,237,415; 10,389,884; 10,397,408; 10,560,825;10,701,211; 10,701,212

Data Sheet, U9110-BSW
Data Sheet, U9110-BSW(EU)