David Clark Company
  • Multi Functional, Flexible Digital Intercom System
  • Enhance Critical Communication on Workboats
  • Rugged, Water-Tight System Components
  • Improve Crew Safety with Clear Communication
  • Ideal for High Noise, High Speed Performance Boating


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Clear Communication in
Wind and Water

Wind and engine noise, salt spray, choppy seas…in the marine environment, communication is key to effective performance.

David Clark Marine Intercom Systems improve the safety of your crew by providing solutions on board boats and vessels where problems such as high-noise, constant shock and vibration from choppy waves and the corrosive environment of the sea create obstacles to reliable and effective communication.

David Clark offers a number of system solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

NEW! Series 9100 Digital Intercom: Unlimited number of users, radios, ancillary devices; IP network compatibility; Headsets capable of use with both digital wired and wireless crew stations; individual user functional programmability. Performance, durability and reliability with unmatched simplicity and versatility.

Series 9500 Workboat Intercom: For the extremely demanding requirements of those who work on the water. Currently being used by numerous agencies concerned with homeland security. Accommodates up to eight crewmembers and three mobile radios while providing hearing protection for all. Every crewmember may have access to radio transmit and receive.

Series 9800 "Go-Fast" Intercom: Helps to maximize the thrill of high-speed performance boating by providing crisp and clear communication between crew and passengers. Accommodates up to six headsets with radio transmit and receive for two crewmembers. For those who play on the water, an auxiliary stereo input and stereo headsets serve to enhance the safety and enjoyment of the ride.

Series 9900 Wireless Intercom: Adapts to either 9500 or 9800 Series systems to add the freedom of mobility without being tethered to a wired system.