David Clark Company

Series 9500 Workboat Intercom System

Workboat Communications

Mission-Critical Communications

The series 9500 Marine Intercom System from David Clark provides crisp, clear intercom and radio communication in demanding marine environments. Series 9500 Systems consist of a Master Station, noise-attenuating Headsets in a variety of styles, Belt Stations and appropriate system Cable Assemblies designed for a wide variety of system Layouts to fit your application needs. Although particularly effective for use on high-noise "workboats", such as those operated by Customs, Border Patrol, Navies and Coast Guards the world over, it can also be utilized for the same purposes on any vessel demanding the ultimate in ruggedness and dependability.

The Series 9500 is a reliable, water-tight system that will accommodate up to eight crew members. The high-quality headsets feature stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion from salt and spray in harsh marine environments and have been engineered to provide outstanding comfort while offering significant protection from damaging noise.