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Wireless Gateway User Interface



Wireless Gateway
Relay for all audio interface between Wireless Belt Station users and the U9100 Master Station and connected ancillaries (two-way radio, IP networks, etc.)

·        Wireless DECT protocol interface provides wireless connectivity for up to four (4) users with full system functionality and wireless mobility and a reliable range of at least 300feet

·        IP-68 sealed Ethernet jack provides out-of-the-box connectivity to the U9100 Master Station, offering superior dust and water ingress when mated for worry-free installations in demanding environments

·        Offers superior dust and water ingress when mated for worry-free, reliable installations in demanding environments

·        Rugged, marine-grade design provides salt-fog/corrosion resistance, wide ranging temperature tolerance and superior shock/vibration absorption to ensure optimal, mission-ready performance

·        Features a built-in, internal antenna and reverse-polarity external SMA connector provides connection to either a whip antennae (included) or a remote antenna kit, further ensuring proper RF signal propagation

·        Flexible installation with surface or flush mount options - while maintaining watertight integrity -provides numerous install location alternatives for facility or mobile platforms

·        EU version available [Model U9120-W4(EU)]

Patent #’s: 10,237,415; 10,389,884; 10,397,408; 10,560,825;10,701,211; 10,701,212

Data Sheet, U9120-W4
Data Sheet, U9120-W4(EU)