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published: Monday, Feb 16, 2015
Dear David Clark Customer,

We are happy to let you know that there are new additions to the Pro Audio line of headsets including the new DC 8632 dual ear and DC 8692 ultralight headsets. More info available here: http://www.davidclarkcompany.com/pro-audio/headsets.php These headsets come with a 4 pin female XLR connector but have enough conductors to rewire to use a 5 pin stereo XLR if desired.

We've also added the computer headsets to the list, H-PC with dual 3.5mm plugs, H-USB with USB plug, C62-USB for use with the H6200-M headsets and C6253 with 3.5mm four conductor plug for use with smart phones. 

New pricing is available with your dealer number at the dealer log in here: http://www.davidclark.com/DealersOnly/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fDealersOnly%2fDealers.aspx