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DCCI customer service will repair and/or recondition your headset with no charge for labor!  Within the continental US: Call 1-800-298-6235   For Alaska call: 907-277-4811 (Northern Lights Aviaonics). For a list of International repair facilities click here.

Email: service@davidclark.com

Return your headset prepaid to:

David Clark Company 
360 Franklin Street
Worcester, MA 01604

Be sure to include your name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the problem or service required.

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There are a couple ways to find this information: (1) Access the online selector guide from the navigation bar at the top of this page. (2) Consult the compatibility table. (3) Consult your two way dealer. You can find an authorized David Clark dealer near you by way of our worldwide dealer listing.

Please note there is a link on the top of the page 'Find a Dealer'. This is a worldwide listing so you will need to select what continental region you are in. From there, scroll down to see a list of dealers in order by country. In the case of North America you will see a list of states on the left. Simply click on your state and you will be brought down the page to your states listing.

You can also contact a David Clark regional sales manager for a dealer recommendation.

Please note the adapter series must match the headset series in order work together, i.e. H3000 headset with C3000 adapter, H6240-M with C6200 cord. Once you know the series you can consult the selector guide, compatibility table or two way dealer for further information.

Please note that the series headset you have must match the series adapter you have i.e. If you have a 3000 series headset you will need a 3000 series adapter. You can then consult the selector guide, compatibility table or your two way dealer to find a match for your radio.
There are two categories of adapters for mobile radios that David Clark offers. They are (1) radio specific adapters that have a specific connector configuration, (2) Universal / Utility adapters that can be wired to just about any radio.
This answer depends on two things (1) if you want a headset station or a belt station (2) If your radio provides mic bias. If you want a headset station module you can use the 40380G-05. If you want a belt station you can use the C3019, C3019A or C6001. If your radio provides mic bias you can use C3019. If it doesn't then you can use the C3019A.
David Clark headsets have information including model number and part number on the headband of the headset.
Mic bias is voltage that the microphone on your headset needs to operate. If you don't know if your radio provides mic bias you can consult either the service manual or operator manual of your mobile radio. The information you are looking for is the pin out of the accessories connector on the back of the radio. If your radio provides mic bias you will see a value for voltage on the ‘mic+' pin. Radios that typically have mic bias are Motorola, Harris and Midland. Radios that don't have mic bias are typically are ICOM, Vertex, Standard Horizon, Kenwood. There are of course exceptions to this list.
The first character in a model number is usually a letter:
H = Headset
C = Cord, Adapter, PTT adapter or Extension Cord
M = Module
U = Utility intercom module

Model numbers are set up in series. The first two digits indicate the series i.e. H3341 is a headset in the 3300 series, C38-12 is a 3800 series cable.

The second two digits tell about the configuration of the headset. The pattern is as follows:
Hxx10 & Hxx20 = Mic shield microphone
Hxx30 = Boom microphone, over the head style
Hxx40 = Boom microphone, behind the head style
Hxx50 & Hxx60 = Listen only, no microphone
Hxx70 & Hxx80 = Cap attachable or lightweight model
Hxx90 = Single ear over the head style

You'll note that the fourth number sometimes changes. That just means the product is a variant on the series. In other words there could be two headsets that are very similar and vary on some feature and so have the same basic number but one digit different i.e. H3340 and H3341. The difference is that the H3340 has two speakers and the H3341 has only one.

Additionally, some products only have part numbers and you will need to check the compatibility table or with your two way dealer to see what series the part you have belongs to.
OTH = Over the head style headset
BTH = Behind the head style headset
ULW = Ultra Light Weight, Single Ear, Over the head style