Repair Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey addresses your satisfaction with your support experience. David Clark Company’s goal is to provide industry leading Customer Service and Support. To achieve this goal, we rely on feedback from our customers to identify areas where improvements can be made. We also need to know where we perform well to ensure we continue to maintain and build a quality service organization. This survey is a very important part of this process, providing us the opportunity to improve the quality of service and support to you, the customer.

  win a 10S/DC Stereo Headset


By completing this survey you will be automatically entered to win a David Clark 10S/DC listen-only stereo headset! One 10S/DC stereo headset will be given away each quarter of this year. Once you fill out and submit the Customer Satisfaction Survey form, you’re automatically qualified for each drawing throughout the year.

The 10S/DC stereo headset is compatible with a wide variety of personal electronic devices, and is made with all the care and dependability of our aviation headsets. The high fidelity sound of the 10S/DC stereo headset will provide hours of quiet, comfortable listening pleasure.

Please enter your full name, or email-address*
Please enter your six-digit Customer Service Repair number
To what product line does your equipment belong?
Did you require return instructions before shipping equipment?
How did you obtain the return instructions?
How would you rate your ability to locate these return instructions?
Did you provide your email address with the returned equipment?
Did you receive an email confirmation informing you we received your shipment?
How long after receiving the initial email that your equipment had arrived did it take us to contact you with our findings / repair estimate?
Which method of communication did we contact you by?
Did you receive an email confirmation / tracking number notifying you the equipment had shipped?
Was the equipment repaired at no charge under warranty?
What period of time would you estimate transpired from when you approved the repair estimate to when you receive the second email informing you the equipment had shipped?
To what extent did the actual turnaround time meet your needs?
How satisfied are you with our Representative being well informed before he/she contacted you with the estimate?
How satisfied are you with the communication to you regarding the results of the service evaluation?
How satisfied are you with the condition of the equipment upon its return?
How satisfied are you with the overall quality of the repair technician’s work?
Was the problem fixed at the first attempt?
How satisfied are you with your DCCI service experience?
Would you recommend David Clark Company service to others?
Would you like to alert a manager to your situation?
Would you like to receive future notices with regard to special offers and promotions offered by David Clark Company?
Additional Comments
Confidentiality statement Your responses to this survey will be treated as being strictly confidential. However, provided you have no objections, David Clark Company would like to be able to use your comments and survey answers on an individual basis. This means that David Clark may contact you again with further questions regarding your support experience. Do you have any objections?

Note: Any information provided, including personal information, your email address, etc., will not be shared with any third party.

  win a 10S/DC Stereo Headset


Upon submitting this Repair Customer Satisfaction Survey, you will be immediately entered to win a David Clark 10S/DC Stereo Headset!

The 10S/DC provides stunning stereo output and advanced comfort features and dual volume controls for each ear. Drawings are held every three months and winners are notified by email.