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New M-2H Microphone! [ archive item ]

published: Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015
Dear Customer,

We're happy to announce the new M-2H microphone is now replacing the M-101 mic on the H8500 Series. This new microphone is the product of DC's decades of mic design and build. That's right! We make the M2-H right here in our factory in Worcester, MA. 

It's electrically similar to the M-101 but has significantly higher output for greatly improved communications. Additionally, the mic boom has changed to accommodate this new mic. The new boom is a stronger over-molded instead of glued assembly. If you have need to repair a headset with the older boom we do still stock the older boom and mic. However the online parts list has been updated to the new style boom. Please note, the new boom is designed to fit the same hole as the old boom so you don't have to change the ear cup if upgrading or repairing a headset.

Here's the data on the new mic:

Microphone Principle


Microphone Impedance

150 Ω nominal

Microphone Sensitivity

320uV nom. into 150-ohm load re: 94dB SPL ¼” 1kHz

Microphone Frequency Response

100Hz – 10kHz

Source Resistance

150 Ω nominal