David Clark Company
Voice Powered
  • Your Voice Provides the Energy, We Provide the System
  • Low-Cost Maintenance-Free System
  • Amplifier Increases Transmission Volume

Voice Powered Systems... Simple, Low-Cost, and Maintenance-Free Communication.

David Clark Company Voice-Powered Communication Systems operate by the power of your own voice – no AC or DC power source is required. Your voice travels to a transmitter causing fluctuations in a magnetic circuit, creating a current powerful enough to operate up to six headsets for a distance of several miles, depending on your application. No batteries or electricity is required.

Voice-Powered Systems have found their way into a wide variety of applications from airplane assembly and deicing, to construction sites…in-plant maintenance to highway traffic control and rescue operations ― virtually any moderate noise environment that requires a dependable, easy-to-use, low-cost and maintenance-free communication system.

A variety of fixed and portable system configurations are available, comprised of noise-attenuating headsets, cords and accessories. All system components are designed for dependable operation in the harshest environments.


  1. Voice Powered Systems should not be grounded.
  2. Do not put cable in same conduit with electrical wires.
  3. For simplicity and flexibility all headsets are compatible and interchangeable. Headsets are provided with a 30-inch cord, terminating in a plug.
  4. Headsets, jumper cords and extension cords operate over a 2 conductor, 20 AWG cord.
  5. Phone plugs and jacks on headsets, extension cords, are compatible.