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Aurora Class Industrial Bluetooth Headsets [ archive item ]

published: Thursday, Nov 05, 2015
Welcome to a new kind of Bluetooth headset. The all new Aurora Class Industrial Bluetooth headsets outlast and outperform all the competition with solid components, steel hardware and a battery that just won't die. These headsets provide 80 hours of continuous talking or streaming music on a single charge. That means that you can charge the headset once and use it all week. 

Press the button to answer calls and have a hands free conversation without having to stop and take your gloves off. Press and hold to call back.

Use an intercom app for work groups.

Self-healing connection in case you walk out of range of your device. You don't have to pair it again just walk back in range. It also means it remembers the connection so you don't have to pair it every time you turn on the headset.

Try it for yourself. You won't believe how comfortable it is even after 10 hours of work. 

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