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DC PRO-X Launch Into Non-Aviation Lines [ archive item ]

published: Tuesday, May 06, 2014

We’re happy to announce new additions to our non-Aviation headset lines that will be launching late this summer:


Model DC PRO Platform

3000 Series – Mobile radio and intercom systems
DC 3630 Dual Ear
DC 3630-X Dual Ear ENC
DC 3690 Single Ear
PLEASE NOTE: These new DC 3600 models will replace 40410G-01 and 40410G-02 models. The two older models will be discontinued upon stock depletion.
6200 Series – Two-Way Portable, compatible with all C6200 radio cords
DC 6230-M Dual Ear, Radio Direct, Modular
DC 6290-M Single Ear, Radio Direct, Modular
8500 Series – Pro Audio, 4 pin XLR female connector
DC 8632 Dual Ear
DC 8692 Single Ear
9900 Series – David Clark Wireless compatible
DC 9630 Dual Ear
DC 9690 Single Ear
There will be additional new models including USB options and more also coming this year.
These new models are based on the DC PRO-X aviation headset we launched last year. They’re a game changer in that they are an ultra-light headset that will stand up and last like no other ultra-light headset out there. The frame is magnesium so it’s super lightweight and durable. The earphone and mic are the best we’ve ever built providing super clear comms and a super comfy fit.
We’ll update you with pricing and availability in future as the models become available.
Please feel free to contact us, mailto:greenheadsets@davidclark.com,  if you have questions or if you’d like to try a sample of any of the above models and we’ll add you to a list.