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Voice Powered Systems Provide Unparalleled Versatility [ archive item ]

published: Sunday, Nov 16, 2014
The ease of use and simplicity of David Clark Voice Powered Systems provide a dependable communication solution for virtually limitless applications where a traditional AC or DC power source is not readily available. Your voice provides the energy to activate the system. In its simplest application, a Voice-Powered system may consist of just two headsets and a jumper cord. Portable and fixed systems can also accommodate up to six users by adding the appropriate jack plates (for fixed installations) and junction box (for portable installations).

Voice-Powered Systems operate dependably over distances of several miles, depending on conditions, and an inline push-to-amplify module is also available to dramatically expand the operating distance of a system. 

The simplicity and versatility of the Voice Powered system makes it ideal for uses in a wide variety of applications including hospitals, in-plant maintenance, manufacturing, construction, computer operations, airline ground support, oil drilling and refining, utility plants, emergency backup communications, shipboard communications, SAR operations, and more. 

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