David Clark Company


Model C3820

C3820 Power Cord

Connects U3800 Master Station to 12 or 24VDC power source
  • 20' length of two-conductor shielded cable
  • Two-socket MS connector on one end
  • Stripped and tinned leads on other end
  • Fuse kit included (2A-250V, Slo-Blo)
Installation/Operation Manual C3820
Data Sheet C3000
Model C3821

C3821 Radio Interface Cord

Connects radio interface module to mobile radio audio accessory connector (not included)
  • 20' length of six-conductor shielded cable
  • Six-pin MS connector on one end
  • Stripped and tinned leads on other end
Data Sheet C3000
Installation/Operation Manual C3821
Model C38-21RD1 Radio Interface Cord

C38-21RD1 Radio Interface Cord

Turnkey Radio Interface Cable for Motorola APX/XTL Mobile Radios
  • 6-pin MS connector for Series 3800 Radio Interface Module connection on one end
  • Motorola APX/XTL audio accessory connector on other end
  • External speaker leads
  • 20 foot length
Model C38-XX

C38-XX Jumper Cord

C38-12,-25,-35,-50,-75,-100. Connects modules with intercom system

  • 4-conductor shielded cable with 4-pin MS connectors on each end
  • Number after dash in model number indicates length in feet
  • C3402 (2 ft.) and C3408 (8 ft.) jumper cords also available

Installation/Operation Manual C38-XX
Data Sheet C3000
Model C3821-05

C3821-05 Radio Jumper Cord

Turnkey Jumper Cord between Series 3800 Radio Interface Modules and U3805 Radio Junction Module
  • 6-pin MS connector on one end
  • 6-socket MS connector on other end
  • 20 foot length
Product Bulletin, C3821-05
Installation Sheet C3821-05
Model 40071G-04

40071G-04 Footswitch/Remote PTT

  • Remote foot-activated radio PTT for select radio interface modules (U3814, U3815, U3815A & U3816 only)
  • 15' straight cord with 5-pin MS connector
  • 40071G-03: same as 40071G-04, but with no connector
Installation/Operation Manual 40071G-04
Data Sheet 40071G-04