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Regional Managers

North East Regional Sales Manager
Areas Covered Contact Information
Fernando J. Serra United States New York e-mail:
  Connecticut Pennsylvania Tel: (508) 751-5884
Delaware Rhode Island Fax:(508) 753-5827
District of Columbia Vermont  
Maine West Virginia
Maryland Canada
Massachusetts Quebec and East
New Hampshire Central/South America
New Jersey  
South East Regional Sales Manager
Areas Covered Contact Information
Customer Service Alabama North Carolina e-mail:
  Arkansas Puerto Rico Tel: (800) 298-6235 /
(508) 751-5800
Florida South Carolina Fax: (508) 751-5858
Georgia Tennessee  
Kentucky Virginia
North Central Regional Sales Manager Areas Covered Contact Information
DCCI Main Office United States Indiana e-mail:
  Illinois Minnesota Tel: (508) 751-5800
Michigan Montana Fax: (508) 751-5858
Missouri Nebraska  
North Dakota South Dakota
Ohio Wyoming
Wisconsin Canada
Iowa Alberta to Ontario
South Central Regional Sales Manager Areas Covered Contact Information
Ralph Chance United States Colorado e-mail:
  Arizona Louisiana Tel: (210) 872-8590
Kansas New Mexico Fax: (210) 654-7568
Western Regional Sales Manager Areas Covered Contact Information
Mitch Hilligas United States Alaska
  California Nevada Tel: (858) 275-4262
Idaho Utah Fax: (858) 408-2664
Oregon Canada  
Washington British Columbia
Hawaii Yukon
Regional Sales Manager Areas Covered Contact Information
Ron Lassing Europe Africa
  Tel: +31-653-132927
Fax: +31 84 725 8246
Regional Sales Manager Areas Covered Contact Information
Keith Liu Asia-Pacific Middle East
Tel: +852-2510-9339
Fax: +852-2555-8315
International Sales Manager Areas Covered Contact Information
DCCI Main Office All Sales Outside U.S.A.
  Tel: (508) 751 5800
Fax: (508) 751-5858

Product/Market Manager

Market Manager, Aviation
Product/Market Contact Information
Dennis Buzzell  Aviation Market e-mail:
  GA Headsets Tel: (508)751-5889
National Accounts Management   Fax:(508)753-5827
Technical Products, OEM & Special Markets   
Product/Market Contact Information
Customer Service    Special Markets OEM Solutions
  Two-Way/IS Headsets and Adapters Specials / Private label Tel: (508)751-5800
Computer/Tablet/Smartphone   Fax:(508)753-5827
Voice Powered  
Aurora Bluetooth
Safety / Hearing Protectors
Product Manager, Systems Product/Market Contact Information
Bob Daigle  Intercom Systems Market
  3100 Series Industrial Tel: (508)751-5888
3400 Series Industrial Fax:(508)753-5827
3800 Series Fire  
9500 Series Marine
9800 Series Marine
9100 Series All Markets (Digital Intercom)
9900 Series All Markets (Wireless Systems)
Airline Products
Ground Support Headsets and Accy Ground Support
Product Manager, Government/Military Product/Market Contact Information
John Tasi Government / Military Market e-mail:
  Government/Military Headsets/Specials Tel: (508)751-5886
Non-GA Helmets/Liners Fax:(508)753-5827
Under Helmet Headsets  

Customer Service

If you wish to return any of our products for repair, please do so to:
Customer Service
David Clark Company
360 Franklin Street
Worcester, MA 01604
Phone: 1-800-298-6235
Fax: 1-508-751-5858

Do not forget to include:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your return address
  3. A telephone number and an email address (We will send you an email when we receive your item and again when it is shipped back to you).
  4. A brief description of the problem.
We will make a complete evaluation of the unit and do our best to have it back in service as soon as possible. If there will be charges, we will, contact you for authorization before work is begun.

Alaska \ International Warranty Repair Facilities

Aviation Headset Testing Instructions (Download .pdf file)
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If you have Questions please call 1-800-298-6235 or E-Mail us
Email us at

Corporate Offices

Worcester headquarters

David Clark Company Inc.

360 Franklin Street, Box 15054
Worcester, MA 01615-0054
Tel: (508) 751-5800
Fax: (508) 831-7307


Air-Lock Inc.

108 Gulf Street
Milford, CT 06460
Tel: (203) 301-6060
Fax: (203) 876-7436

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